Science Class 10 CBSE sample papers

Class – X
English communicative
Sample Question Paper
Time: 3 hrs.                                                                       Full marks: 80
General Instructions:

    I.The questions paper is divided into three sections:

        SECTION  A :  Reading                                                20 MARKS
        SECTION  B :  Writing and Grammar                        30 MARKS
       SECTION  C :   Literature                                             30 MARKS
    II.All questions are compulsory.
   III.You may attempt any section at a time.

All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.
Section – A
1. Read the passage given below answer the question that follow.

1.Cricket is a global passion , played everywhere from test match areas to village greens , tropical beaches and dusty back lots .Cricket is the world’s second most popular spectator sport after football

2.The origin of cricket is somewhere in the Dark Ages .All research concedes that the game derived from a very old , widespread and uncomplicated pastime by which one player served up an object , be it a small piece of wood or a ball , and another hit it with a suitably fashioned club .Cricket was first recorded in the 16th – century England and it was played in grammar school , farm communities and everywhere in between .But things really took off when 18th – century nobles realised it was a great sport.

3.The oldest surviving set of cricket laws date from 1744 – printed on a handkerchief , naturally .It’s now in the MCC Museum at Lord’s in London .The oldest permanent fixture is the annual Eton V Harrow match played since 1805 .A young Lord Byron turned out for Harrow in the first match ,though history doesn’t record how poetic – or “mad, bad and dangerous” – his bowling was.

4.The first international match was in 1877 when Australia beat England in Melbourne .The match was dubbed a “Test”,since the grueling nature of playing over five days was deemed the ultimate “test” for any side .But it was Australia’s first win on England soil – in 1882 at The oval in London – that led to matches between the two nations being christened the Ashes .Following the defeat ,newspapers published an obituary   mourning “the death of English cricket”,adding that “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”.

2.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage,answer any four of the following   2×4 =8   questions in about 30-40 words each

(a). Why is politeness called as limited part of benevolence ?
(b).List some of the person we should be polite to ?
(c).Why is difficult for an egoist to be polite ?
(d).What are the benefits of being polite ?
(e).Which are the rules of behaviour to be observed ?

2.2 On the basis of of your reading of the passage.fill in any two of       1×2=2
the following words/phrases.

(a).Politeness is an art of choosing_____________
(b).An honest polite person is polite with___________
(c).To others,we___________
2.3    Find out the words that mean the same as under,Attempt any two of 1×2=2 the following:
a.insignificant (Paragraph 1)
b.manners (Paragraph 4)
c.civil (Paragraph 5)
Section – B

3. you are Sonal/Samkrit of vidyanjali public school,Lucknow.You have seen                   8
an advertisement in ‘The Times of India’ related to new batches of ‘Astronomy Club’ initiated by National science centre, Lucknow starting from the coming fortnight.You wish to join the club.Write a letter to the Director, enquiring about the venue, duration, fee-structure, activities, transportation etc.Invent other necessary details (100-200 words, 8 marks)
You are the In-charge of the medical section of Gyanodaya Public School,Nehru Vihar Alwar.Your stocks of medicines in about to finish.Your stock of medicines is about to finish .Write a letter to the Director of Jambo Medicare, Delhi,ordering medical items like glucose,crocin,bandages,tincture,pain – healers,ointments etc.Ask for discount on bulk order Invent other necessary details (100 – 200).

10. Attempt any one of the two following long answer type questions in 100 – 120 words. 8.
(a)’Pride goes before a fall’.Justify the statement on basis of the chapter Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.
(b)’Only the bearer knows where the shoe pinches ‘.Elucidate the statement with reference  to the story The Letter.

11. A) Answer the following question based on prescribed novel text for extended reading in about 200 – 250 words. 10.

The Diary of a Young Girl.
A. What Anne’s view about the laws that restrict the Jew’s freedom ?

B.Write the pen portrait of Mr. Van Dann

B)Answer the following question based on prescribed novel text for extended reading about 200 – 250 words.

The Story of My Life
A.In the life of Hellen Keller,.Miss Anne Sullivan acts as an inspiration’.Justify with suitable instances from the text.
B.Give a pen portrait of Dr. Alexender Graham Bell.

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